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Daddy Yankee's new video, "Gangsta Zone" premieres on MTV

June 12, 2006 -- Miami, FL-- Amongst clouds and rain, Puerto Rico’s sky and humble suburb of Torres Sabana were witness to the filming of Daddy Yankee’s new music video “Gangsta Zone” featuring Snoop Dog from the album “Barrio Fino En Directo”. Elastic People’s President and Creative Director, Carlos Perez, who has worked with artists like Olga Tañon, Ricky Martin, Bacilos, Tego Calderon, Luny Tunes and Juan Luis Guerra, among others, directed the video that included a technical and creative team composed of more than 100 people.

“Gangsta Zone”makes reference to surviving in las calles del pueblo (suburb streets), the barrios (the hoods), los caserios of Puerto Rico (the projects of Puerto Rico). It is about the reality of knowing where you are from, where you stand and what the future holds. You have to be strong to survive, to be alive on top of the game. DY and Snoop are examples of that success. They came from the streets and are inspiring people around the world with their music.

Yankee and Snoop interacted with people of all ages and colors. All the talent in the video were not actors, they were the real thing: our people. Most of the vignettes made a commentary on specific social issues from teenage pregnancy to the joy of the people, all angles were covered..

Perez who has also directed Daddy Yankee’s “Corazones” “Rompe” and “Gasolina” music videos says that “This is a special video for Yankee and I because from the moment he penned the track, he really made a point to shoot it in Puerto Rico with his people, the people responsible for his 12 year career. Completely grateful about his reality, Yankee is here because of them and he is here representing them. For me it’s special, because it was a great challenge working with Yankee and Snoop. Understanding that it’s another great step in his career, I did not take the opportunity lightly and made sure this video was not about blowing cars up, it is about having some kind of social impact thru film and music.

“Gangsta Zone” premiered yesterday, June 8th on the MTV network. Perez also directed Daddy Yankee’s Documentary included in Yankee’s Barrio Fino En Directo that hit stores on December 13th and currently stands on the Top 5 of the Billboard chart. He was also in charge of designing the CD/ DVD packaging for En Directo.

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